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AI Intelligence


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Volume 70 cl / Alc 46.1% Vol


Let us present the world’s first whisky created by Artificial Intelligence used to augment and automate the most time-consuming process of whisky creation. The distillery’s machine learning models, powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and AI cognitive services developed by Fourkind, are fed with Mackmyra’s existing recipes (including those for award-winning blends), sales data, and customer preferences. With this dataset, the AI can generate more than 70 million recipes that it predicts will be popular and of the highest quality. The result is Intelligens, an elegant Swedish single malt whisky with golden yellow colour. A fruity whisky with notes of toffee, creamy vanilla, pear, apples, white pepper and a light tone of toasted oak casks.

Master Blender: Artificial Intelligence
Supervised by: Angela D’Orazio

Tasting Notes
Colour: Golden yellow
Nose: Toffee and creamy vanilla, fine oloroso tones and fruit with citrus, pear & apples. Herbal notes of aniseed, ginger and white pepper and a light tone of toasted oak casks.
Mouth: Vanilla with fine oak notes, fruits with citrus & pear, herbal spices with slight tobacco leaves and a very small hint of smoke
Summary: Fruity and oaky, slightly salty and with a dryish end.

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